Bring your own Besteck!

We bet the environment is of great importance to you, and so it is for us! Thus, we want to ask you to bring your own silverware, cutlery, and cups, to reduce the trash produced by the tournament. Of course, we will provide a fully-fledged dishwashing station.

Besides that, we will provide multiple recycling stations where you can responsibly sort and get rid of your trash.

Thank you for your collaboration 🙂

Registration is open!

The official invitation with all details regarding the registration process can be found here.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our tournament!

All pictures from the 6SamCup 2021

Just in time for the opening of the application process for the 3SamCup 2022 we managed to dig through the photos from last summer’s tournament. It got us really excited for this year’s edition!

We hope you are feeling the same way and are looking forward to an equally colorful and thrilling tournament for this summer. If you and your team want to take part, you can apply via this form!

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