3SamCup 2023

Photos 3SamCup 2023


How lucky we were that the 3SamCup 2023 could take place just before all the rainy weather! We hope that we can brighten up your gray days a bit with the sunny tournament photos. Many thanks to our photographer Maurice, and we wish you lots of fun browsing through them!

Pictures 3SamCup 2023

The Champions 2023!


A total of 666 goals were scored last weekend in 36 matches: 342 goals in the women’s games, and 324 goals in the men’s games. That makes an impressive average of 18.5 goals per match, or approximately 97 seconds per goal. By the way, you can review all the results here: Results 2023

A big impact on the course of the games was certainly provided by the Open Shot Clocks, generously provided to us by the DLaxV. A big thank you goes to Daniel Busse for the technical support provided beforehand!

At the end of this goal spectacle, the Karlsruhe Stormies emerged as the winning team among the women, while the SG KarMa Görls claimed victory among the men. Our heartfelt congratulations to both teams! We hope you enjoy the trophies, provided by FR3D_PRINTS!

We thoroughly enjoyed the time with you and are already looking forward to next year!

Refs wanted!

Dear Refs and Umpires!

For this years 3SamCup, taking place July 21. – 23. 2023, we want you as ref/umpire.

In front of the beautiful backdrop of the summerly black forest you are reffing about 6 games on Saturday and 3 games on Sunday, 30 minutes each.

What we offer? Free food and drinks (non-alc) throughout the tournament, party on Saturday night, and a lump sum of 250 Euro. Prerequisite is an official DLaxV L2/black licence (or equivalent).

If you are interested, drop us a mail via .

We are looking forward to your application!

Here you can find this invitation as PDF.

Your Pumas Freiburg

Registration for 2023 is open!

The official invitation with all details regarding the registration process can be found here.

We are also accepting applications from individual pick-up players.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our tournament!

Save the date: 3SamCup 2023

Nice! The date for the 3SamCup 2023 has been fixed! We are looking forward to welcoming you all from July 21st to 23rd 2023! More information will follow. Until then – Build up some stoke by checking out our image galleries from the last editions!