Month: July 2022

Bring your own Besteck!

We bet the environment is of great importance to you, and so it is for us! Thus, we want to ask you to bring your own silverware, cutlery, and cups, to reduce the trash produced by the tournament. Of course, we will provide a fully-fledged dishwashing station.

Besides that, we will provide multiple recycling stations where you can responsibly sort and get rid of your trash.

Thank you for your collaboration 🙂

Merchandise 2022

What sets an old lacrosse veteran apart from a green novice? Of course his/her collection of tournament shirts! We therefore teamed up with Exize to provide you with fresh apparel for next lacrosse season. By the way, Exize will send us a small merchandize booth as well!

For the first time, we will offer a fancy buff-like scarf! Drench it with Dreisam water and it will provide you with a welcome chill and protect you from the strong Breisgau sun! Wear it on your runs in winter and it will keep you nice and warm!

You can buy all that stuff directly at the tournament. But be quick, everything is limited edition!