Small field rules!


8 players on the fields, including 1 goaltender, 2 defenders, 3 middies, 2 attackers. The men teams are allowed to have 2 longpoles on the field at a time. Regarding offside, two players have to stay back. 60 second shot clock, sudden victory and braveheart. You can find the full version of the rules below.


For the most part, we are playing by the official field-lacrosse rules as published by World Lacrosse. They can be found under the following links: women, men. However, the following adaptions apply:


The field measures roughly 60m x 40m. There are no restraining and wing lines.


Each team plays with 8 players on the field at a time, including the goalie. During a live ball, only 5 players are allowed in the opponents half, and 6 players are allowed in the own half of the field (offside rule). In the mens game, two longpoles per team are permitted.


Each game takes 2 x 15 minutes with a 3 minute half-time break, in which sides are swapped. The last 30 seconds of each half and the complete overtime period are played with stop clock. Each team has one 60-second timeout per game.

Tie after 30 minutes

In case of a tie after 30 minutes, a sudden-victory period is played (already during group stage). A coin toss decides on the direction of play. If there is no goal during these 2 minutes, a period of braveheart follows, until the game is decided by the first goal. For the braveheart, only one goalie plus one field player are allowed. The offside rule is reduced to 1 and 2 players in the respective halfs of the field. The goalies are allowed to perform the face-off and draw. For the latter, the goalie needs to use a normal field stick, however.


There is a 60-second shot clock. If the shot clock expires, the defending team is awarded the ball (at the point where the ball was upon expiry). If the offensive team intentionally throws the ball away, a technical foul for delay of game is called. The shot clock is reset when

  • the ball touches the goalie while being inside the crease
  • the ball is shot up from above the goal line and hits a goal pipe
  • the possession changes
  • a period ends, except there is an active penalty and the next period starts without draw/face-off (c.f. World Lacrosse rules).

Draw and face-off

There is no face-off after a goal is scored. The ball starts at the goal line. There is a face-off at the beginning of each half and the overtime periods, except there is an active penalty (c.f. World Lacrosse rules). For the draw/face-off, all other players need to keep a distance of 9m. The distance is released immediately upon the whistle.

Over and back

Over and back is active after the first pass in the opponents half is thrown. This modification of the rules is performed to account for the tight space on the field and to facilitate clearing.