This was 3SamCup 2022

Bring your own Besteck!

Bring your own Besteck and save the planet!

Merchandise 2022

Fr3sh swag powered by Exize!

Registration is open!

Starting now, we accept applications for 8 women's and 8 men's tournament spots!


Logo and design for 2022

We are happy to be able to present the new logo!

3SamCup 2021

All pictures from the 6SamCup 2021

Finally all pictures from the 6SamCup 2021 are online!

First pictures are online!

Summer, sun, sixes! The first pictures from this perfect lacrosse-sunday!

Winners 6SamCup 2021

Congratulations to the womens team of Karlsruhe and the mens team of Stuttgart to…

All results of 2021

Congratulations to the women from Constance and the men from Stuttgart on winning…

Game schedule online!

You can see the game schedule here, this is also where we will be posting the…

Sixes at a glance

We summarized the main aspects of sixes lacrosse on an A4 page, so our fans will…

6SamCup 2021

Due to COVID-19, this years 3SamCup will be hosted as a small day-long tournament…

3SamCup 2020

DreisamCup 2020 cancelled

Tldr: Unfortunately, the DreisamCup 2020 has to be canceled. Detailed exlanation of…


Corona information

Tldr: We are still planning to host the DreisamCup 2020. We will re-evaluate the…

Umpires wanted!